LUTV Blog Log #5

Keep Moving Forward

No matter what happens in a television studio, you must move forward. There may be altercations between students or students and teachers; but no matter what is said learning is what you are here for. Experience is what you are receiving and sometimes I feel people lose sight of what they’re truly here for. A wise professor once told me that you will not always like who you work with and tensions can be high in a studio, but you must learn to move on and roll with the punches. Jill and Ed have taught me quite a bit in the weeks that I have worked with them, but important advice like that is something I will try not to forget. I cannot say that I am perfect and I’ve never gotten on people’s nerves I mean just this week I’m pretty sure certain people were ready to drop kick me for my sloth-like behavior, but the main focus is that when it comes down to it nobody had to yell to get things done. I mean Jill and the grad assistants had made some comments in a meeting or two, but I’m not going to let that ruin my day, but help me strive forward and be the best I can be. Criticism is not to tear you down but to make you work to prove people wrong or to strive for better. Jill this is saying that I hear your comments and I take them into consideration when I do things.

On Camera and Off

There is a time and a place for everything and all my life I have tried my hardest to be in the spotlight, on stage or in front of a camera. But sometimes when I get into the studio I put those days behind me and I would much rather be the person behind the amazing newscast than the person that everyone sees. Do not get me wrong I LOVE every second in front of that news camera and honestly would never take those minutes back. But then there are the days where I much rather be the floor director

Floor Directing Fun
Floor Directing Fun

or the producer. I’m sorry I don’t have pictures of me producing 😦

But I completely love what I’m doing during the Super Semester and I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything with my time. Although it gets tough and I’m never quite sure of what I’m doing exactly, I love every moment of it!


Everything I do is because people are able to teach me great things. Nothing is as easy as it seems and Jill and Ed have been able to teach us things that we could never learn on our own. And I don’t believe that Jill, Ed, or the Grad assistants do not always receive the credit they deserve. I mean to be completely honest everyone should be thanking all of them for all they do, but instead we take their criticisms harshly and don’t realize that what they do is for our benefit. Many can say that I’m sucking up by posting this; but I was raised in a house that I pay respect where respect is due and I am truly thankful for everything that Jessica, Caitlin, Jill, and Ed have taught me.






LUTV Blog Log 4


I like being the boss of things, taking control and being in charge are the best things to me because I like to either make rules or follow rules. And Jill and Ed have made the best way to create your own newscast, but learn at the same time. Being in the control room while that newscast you worked so hard on plays out on the floor is one of the best feelings in the world. My whole life I’ve been on camera or on the stage and I love every second of it, but now that I’ve gotten a taste of what it is like off the screen, I think I’ve fallen in love. The stacking of the show, getting on people’s butts when things aren’t turned in, keeping things in order, it is all just so appealing to me for some reason I cannot explain.

It’s not all hard work

But it isn’t all about working hard this class knows how to have some serious fun. For instance, cartwheels, singing in the studio, playing with the deko system graphics, and having fun while working is something that the Super Semester has brought to me.

Michael Sprague singing “This is how we roll”

All this fun comes with some serious work being done, when I was show editor I sent several videos to Youtube including Saint Patrick Parade stories and registration stories. Even being AP is fun if you stay in line with your producer. That is another I love doing, working so close with someone to get work done like the AP and Producer. If you do not work next to your AP or Producer there are things that will slip through your fingers like locators or graphics that both should have caught before it went on air. But things slip you must be prepared for blame, and I’m no stranger to blame.

Floor Directing Fun
Floor Directing Fun

Back Story

My life has been back and worth between school and self-help. Not to receive pity but life is difficult after losing loved-ones and it’s not easy getting back in the saddle of anything. And The Super Semester was probably the worst and best decision for this semester. I love my teachers and classmates, I’ve made new friends, learned a lot, and found myself throughout the last couple weeks. But the bad part is the fact that the Super Semester is so hands-on and requires much more time than I was at first able to give or wanted to give-up. Jill and Ed have been very understanding, sitting down with me and talking through things and when they give bad or good criticism I’m learning more and more on what to do to further my career. Jill came to me this past week and talked about producing as a possible career choice, that meant more to me and at first I didn’t believe what I was hearing. It was that moment that I realized that I could work in t.v, that it was not impossible as I once thought.


LUTV Blog Log #1

My Apology

If there is anything I have learned thus far into the Super Semester it is how important time has become. For instance in the real world if I had procrastinated this long on something more than likely I’d lose my job. And I am taking this semester as serious as a job, but with everything going on around me I tend to forget how important it is to take this in. And this is my apology to everyone in my class and my teachers that I am serious about working hard and striving to make this my best semester yet; my Dad would not want it any other way.

My Experience

Super Semester so far has been filled with experience on and off the camera. I have learned how to EXACTLY transcode and send something to air speed. Finding a story that you can dive head-first into and never look back is easier said than done; this is something you learn very fast. Although I’d much rather be in the control room and be in charge of things, editing and being on camera are always interesting and it is not a bad lesson to learn; especially in this major.


The Teachers I Learn From

Jill Falk and Ed have visions that I can only dream about, because they are so far into their careers, not only as teachers but in the field, that the knowledge they present us with is precious and each moment I have with them is cherished because I know I would never get this much attention to detail or knowledge anywhere else in the world. I encourage even non-communication majors to take classes with Jill and Ed because of the fun and knowledge that is brought into this environment. Both teachers are constantly at your side helping you to be the best you can without demoralizing your self confidence or defacing your hard work. Although they are tough on grading and can be harsh on what they expect out of you, these two along with many others help you become the person you want to be in this major.

The People I Learn With

The people in my class have a wide range of knowledge that have brought great help and intimidation to the classroom. You have one end that knows how to put everything together in a timely manner and can help you in the middle of their stuff and still finish. And the other hand that is still learning how to clean up their timeliness but can beat you in talking on camera and finding a story in nothing. And when you come into this semester and you were not expecting to be around such talented people…it is a little intimidating. And even though we are only in our third week of the semester I feel like we are all learning from each other and growing together as friends and as reporters.

The Super Semester is truly a SUPER SEMESTER….if I live through it.

Just kidding!

My Moral Compass

128Who chooses are moral compass? Who or what tells us what we should think is wrong or right? As children are parents and the people around us explain in their beliefs what is morally right or wrong. Maybe it is because of the parents’ religion, political stance, or media influences that persuades them, but for children they rely heavily on their parents for moral guidance. For me personally, I relied on the traditions of my Catholic Church, my parents, and my family for my moral compass.

Everyone can say that their parents taught them right from wrong, but the difference comes in when faced with a major issue. For instance when death occurs in a family, children are taught how to respect those who are grieving. This type of lesson is not an instinct. As a toddler you do not understand the reason people are crying or why someone is lying in a wooden box, but as you get older you learn the reasons why and learn how to cope with these issues. For some reason we are taught to sit quietly, offer our sympathy, and move on, a way to respect those around us. There is reason we are not taught to touch the body or dance as if we were happy, we are taught a way to honor the deceased and respect the living. A lesson we have all learned how to deal with.

The church has many traditions in morality, the most interesting (personally) being abortion. The church teaches us that an abortion is the murder of a living human and that it is morally wrong to kill another person. As a catholic I have learned that from the moment of conception the sperm and egg are now a fetus and as a result a living, breathing human. I will never go against this teaching because not only was that the way my moral compass was pointed for me, but because that is what I believe to be morally wrong. Unlike other Catholics, I do not believe homosexuality or premarital sex to be wrong, because in my parents’ household these things were somewhat accepted to be normal. To my parents that accepted the fact that others love who they love and us as their kids are going to have sex whether they disagree with it or not. That premarital sex is considered “okay” in the media perspective and they know they cannot change that.

As a female I looked up to my mom and what she did, and because of that I learned moral lessons that I can take anywhere. These lessons are things I will share with my kids one day, in hopes I raised them half as well as my parents raise me and my siblings. And these lessons I learned from the church and my parents point my moral compass in a way that I believe is healthy and acceptable.

Country Music; My Niche

What if I told you that you could purchase a ticket that gets you in to nine country concerts all summer long? And we are talking big names from all over country music! 93.7 The Bull and Bandana’s B-B-Q have the Country MegaTickeet Concert Series starting May 9th till September 20th. Imagine going to nine, NINE concerts in an entire summer and having to pay only one price upfront. There is nothing else like this, where you get nine big names for one low price.bandana

The prices start at $209 for lawn seats, Bronze $299, Silver $469, Gold $609, Platinum $789; it all depends on your budget. This is the BIGGEST summer in St. Louis! Performing in this order, Brad Paisley, Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney, Blake Shelton, Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley, and Jason Aldean; who could ask for a better summer? And don’t forget; even if you don’t want to take this great opportunity of this Megaticket you can still buy tickets for the shows separately.

Tickets go on sale Friday, January 25th at 10 am. But they have a presale on Wednesday January 23rd at 10am and Thursday, January 24th at 10 pm.


Country music is something I grew up in, constantly played; it’s like water where I’m from. My parents wouldn’t let me even listen to anything other than that till I was about in seventh grade and even when I was allowed to change the station, why would I? And when I bought my first cd it came down to Kenny Chesney and Avril Lavigne that’s only because I was able to buy my first cd. You know what that cd was? Kenny Chesney. I will never get away from country music because I love it too much.


I grew up where family is everything; you go out with your parents to the bars on Saturday night and then church with them on Sunday morning, where you have more cousins then friends and everyone knows your name, your parents, your grandparents, and where you live. Where I grew up is so tight-knit and small that nothing is a secret. I wish that everyone in the world could get a glimpse into this kind of community.


Country music is more than just music, its heart and soul. I relate it to on a personal level because of where I’m from. If everyone could take a year and live in a town of 350 people, get stuck behind a tractor when trying to get somewhere, notice there are more bars than banks, and be with a family that wants to be with you even on your worse days, it would probably be the best year of their life. Even though I live in the middle of nowhere and I have to drive at least 10 minutes to get anywhere, I wouldn’t trade growing up in a small country town for the world because I grew up where I was surrounded by my family. And country music takes my life and puts it in a song.     039

Always keep learning, no matter how old you get.

To learn is to be open minded. Skeptical as I was when this class first started, I’ve learned more in these ten days than I could ever teach myself. Starting with Tumblr, WordPress, LinkedIn, and HootSuite. I knew some of them existed, but did I find them useful to me, not all of them. I mean I love writing, but from what I’ve seen before blogs were used mostly for people to whine and I don’t care for whining on the internet, I’ll go home and do that. And as for LinkedIn and HootSuite, one seems beneficial to create connections and the other is still a confusing to me.

hooot linkedin

And as soon as Jill Falk said WordPress I mentally freaked out. I love to write, but about things I care for. I’ve never been one to be good at factual or explanatory essays and that is what I felt Jill would be looking for us to do, being that we were using social media for a class and all. I’ve learned to use WordPress to connect with those of influence, to watch blogs that do not whine, but inform on things I like to hear.

Now Tumblr, my friends described it as a more creative version of Instagram and now being on Tumblr I do not see that. Maybe it’s because I’m on there as more of a business aspect instead of just social that I don’t see it. Or maybe it is because I’m not out there to make pretty pictures, I’m blogging.

LinkedIn, great for people to connect with others in specific areas of expertise, but it’s not great if you get confused easily (aka me). Even though we had two great guest speakers, Nick Gilham and Josh Turner, I didn’t find them to be helpful with the question I asked. That was until I got a one-on-one with Josh and I talked to him about my dilemma of connecting with those I didn’t know, he gave me some advice that was very helpful. Unfortunately, I did not find him to be as enthusiastic as Nick about teaching us, he put in his two cents but I felt like Nick was the guy that would be more willingly to help and explain, where Josh, I felt, just expected me to know his lingo and know exactly what he was saying. I did love their presentation and the advice that I understood!


Derek Mabie, great, enthusiastic, wonderful, inspirational, all these above and more describe Derek’s presentation to the class. When Jill introduced him to be a “small town” guy, I immediately was surprised. He definitely did not look like a gentleman that came from a small town, but he talked to us like we were all at the asme level. Treated us with respect and gave advice that I found relevant to all of the people in the class, not just the marketing or corporate students. He was a wonderful guest speaker that I found to be a great use to this class. If I took anything out of his presentation that it was, “You must be comfortable in doing.” Because you must do what you say you can do, you can’t be nervous, you just have to do it!.


HootSuite, what can I say, great idea, little confusing at first, interesting website at the end. Jill did a really great job explaining all of these sites, but definitely took HootSuite to an easier level, for me at least.

Blog, blog, blog, blog, do, do, do, do! –Kayla Jo

#1 blog

In class we have learned how to use tumblr, twitter, linkedin, and wordpress to our advantage. And surprisingly, I love all the new connections I’ve created through these new social medias. I’ve learned to keep a more appropriate social circle for my age. I also learned how to create the connections through these networks better than the way I was trying. So far this class has been beneficial to all communication majors network with others that help create and expand their brands.

Because of this class I have created all these new social circles that are helping me brand myself. I’m honestly just trying to get my personality to show through my profiles because my personality is my ticket. I believe that if my personality could translated through these professional sites as dependable yet enthusiastic, I wouldn’t see why I couldn’t create connections. My tumblr

I almost feel dumb next to all the other people in my class that have had all these sites, connections, and experience that I have not even gotten close to. I’m nervous that I will never get to the point that the others are at. I hate that I feel small next to other students. If I get one thing out of this class it would be how to get where everyone else is at. I mean if you compared our blogs, you would see that I am the “weaker link” in the class and I dislike being the outcast.

In this class I wish we went more in depth in tumblr and wordpress just because its much more than just writing blogs. They all have little “widgets'” and pages and things that need more in depth conversation. The problems I faced were little things, but at the same time bothersome. While everyone else grasped the concepts of all the social media sites, I’m still trying to understand the problems I’m facing with these sites. For instance how can I put my other blog posts on other pages? How do I connect with other people and businesses on LinkedIn without knowing them? I want more input on how my blogs look and all my other sites.  confusion